For Naturals w/ Love was designed to help 4type naturals fall in love with their hair. Since type 4 hair needs the most TLC. Our  lavender-rose refreshers, dry hair serum, growth serums & butter cream is made with all the yummiest botanicals mother earth has to offer.

growth blend

lavender rose refresher

butter cream

infusing process


Kick off your day with beautiful hair with one or more of our wonderful products.

4oz Ultimate Dry Hair Serum $21

Our dry hair serum is jammed packed with a blend of olive, avocado, jojoba oils and eight dry herbs to ensure maximum moisture. This oil softens, hydrate and aids with detangling your hair. Can be used as a pre-poo oil, works well with our lavender rose refresher.


After moisturizing your hair with our Lavender-Rose refresher, section your hair and apply dry hair serum directly to hair and/or scalp daily paying close attention to the ends of your hair. Since all 4's are unique use as needed for your hair texture.

2-4oz Ultimate Growth Serum $19-$28

Our growth serum is 100% natural and packed with various oils it's also infused w/ Amla THE SUPER FOOD for hair as well as nine herbs stored for eight weeks to further aid in healthy hair growth.



prior to co-wash apply growth serum directly to scalp, massage scalp to increase curculation, cover with plastic cap let sit for at least 15min then rinse, then proceed with shampoo or cowash. for beat results repeat this three times weekly.

This oil is so concentrated it can be used as a pre-poo oil and hot oil treatment by diluting  with any oil of your choice.

8oz Lavender-Rose Refresher $16

Our amazing refreshers are made from the finest natural & organic ingredients. Use daily to moisturize your hair & treat your hair to a floral scent of lavender and roses. It also contains aloe vera gel to help your hair retain moisture & bring your scalp and hairs pH to a more desirable level. 


Spray throughout hair daily or as needed to replenish moisture.

4oz Butter Cream $25

Our butter cream is made with shea, mango & Babassu butters, aloe vera juice and our special detangling blend. This combination will leave your hair soft super hydrated & help define curl definition. Use as a daily styling butter. Works well with our lavender rose refresher and dry hair serum.


After moisturizing your hair with our Lavender-Rose Refresher apply a small amount of butter cream to each section of your hair concentrating on the ends of the hair distributing evenly throughout your entire head. Since all 4's are unique use as needed for your hair texture.


     **** Please Note****

This is a high quality product and may melt in hot tempetures. This is perfectly normal. It still works great! You can stir, reblend with a blender or just put it in a cool place and it will restore to its natural state. Do not refirdgerate.